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DUFFYBAG’s BIG TOTE NUBUCK SAND is fully made of 2,5 mm thick organic leather. This durable leather will become even smoother and more beautiful over time and will fit perfectly to your body. This, combined with the long handles, makes sure that the bag can comfortably be worn on the shoulder, making DUFFYBAG a real pleasure to wear.

With its unique oversized dimensions, DUFFYBAG's Big Tote Nubuck Sand is a real eye catcher. And is perfect for any moment of the day: for work, shopping, the gym, around town; it all perfectly matches with DUFFYBAG!

Tip: To keep your DUFFYBAG (leather, suede, nubuck) beautiful and in good condition, we recommend you the protectors of Piggy Proof on our website.


Height: 48 cm | Width: 42 cm


100% organic leather, with a thickness of 2,5 mm